Export import spanish food

commerce consulting
Specialized in market research, strategy and export activities for food producers.

Those services are developed for companies without an export department of for those
companies willing to contact a market but without having a regular structure.

Internationalization makes companies more competitive. For that, it must be different,
but not better necessarily.


Juan J. Nicuesa





ECN is a company with experience and commercial
knowledge about international commerce.
Through a service contract this person works
for the companies developing export activities.


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GTP is a Navarra Government’s Program.
Companies that contract this program and fulfill
all the requirements will receive a subvention.


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If you want to export
Full-service international business development


Market research
Market research, identification of the best potential markets, sales channels and sales leads. Identification of duties, regulations and other restraints to trade.


Sales channels
Selection of the best agents and distributors.


Negotiation and direct impulse of the product; contracts; international payment terms.


Fairs and commercial trips
Organization and representation at international fairs
Food marketing
Brand management; social media, e-marketing; translations.

Commercial management


Subventions management.
Duty and health certificates.
Logistic documents.
Payment control.



Commercial and product/price strategy.
Commercial net.

If you are importer
If you are an importer and you are looking for authentic, quality food products (olive oil, wine, cheese, preserves, ham…)
we could get in contact with local producers.

Bodegas Ejeanas


Vino de la tierra del Gállego - Cinco Villas
Ejea, Zaragoza, Aragón


Bodegas Ejeanas is a small company that has recently been incorporated into the production of wine in the heart of Cinco Villas region.
Headquartered in Ejea de los Caballeros, Bodegas Ejeanas is supplied by grapes from their own vineyards located in the region of Cinco Villas.
The winery was founded in 2003 although the first plantings began in 1999.

We currently have Tempranillo, Cabernet Sauvignon, centenary Garnacha, Merlot and Syrah. There are also some varieties grown in experimental white.

Bodegas Ejeanas, was committed to producing quality wines, thanks to low production and extreme care in all processes. Therefore, we are achieving our goal. The quality begins with a thorough care of the vineyard.



Olive trees and oils from Nekeas


Nekas valley, Navarra


Olive trees in the Valley of Nekeas are nothing new, olive trees have been grown in the valley since time immemorial, providing the families living in nearby villages with oil.

The growing of olive trees in the region, however, differs somewhat from that in other areas because the Valley of Nekeas is one of the northernmost places on the peninsula where they thrive.

Two varieties have been chosen for the new olive groves in Nekeas: Arbequina (a variety which adapts very well to cooler climates and makes a gentle, sweet, aromatic oil, highly appreciated by consumers the world) and Arróniz (a variety autochthonous to the north of Navarra which produces a strong, long-lasting oil with a defined personality, rich in polyphenols).



Artzai Gazta


Shepherd’s cheese D.O. Idiazabal


Association composed for 116 shepherd’s-cheese producers from Alava, Guipúzcoa, Vizcaya and Navarra, the traditional area of the Denominación de Origen Idiazabal.

The association comes out during the eighties focused on the improvement of the quality of the cheese and to defend their identity: cheese produced by the shepherd with unpasteurized milk obtained from their own flock. Latxa sheep produce small quantities of very high quality milk which is the secret of Idiazabal cheese’s distinctive taste.